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  • 50k-75k monthly follower reach - $129
  • 100k-200k monthly follower reach - $199 “Popular”
  • 250k-300k monthly follower reach - $449
  • 400k monthly follower reach - $699
  • 500k monthly follower reach- $899 “Recommended”
  • 650k monthly follower reach - $1099
  • 750k monthly follower reach - $1199
  • 1 million monthly follower reach - $1499 “Viral Promo”
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Discover Weekly & Release Radar

It is proven that High Save rate and real streams from a targeted audience could affect the Spotify algorigthm positively.  This could help you appear on Release Radar or Discover weekly. This is a gate way to being recognized by Spotify  which could land your music on a Spotify Curated Playlist. Here is proof our playlist placements could land you on Discover weekly, Release Radar and a ultimately Spotify curated Playlist.

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