How Does It Work?

Meet the Playlist Booker.

We’re a marketing agency bridging the gap between legitimate independent curators and artists. We are here to help you grow your music by introducing you to a new Audience on YouTube.

Playlist Booker will help take your music and career from A-B in just a month.

Most artists fail to promote their music properly (or at all!)because they prefer to focus on the creative and not the business aspect.

Getting your YouTube could be a pain in the you know what! It is usually based on who you know. We have partnered with over20,000+ artists that we’ve helped grow their music.

YouTube Packages

Ready to Grow Your YouTube Audience ?

Running YouTube Ads is the most effective way to reach your target audience.
We have a team of experts ready to help you grow your channel.
We have generated over a billion views through YouTube Ads for our clients.


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Some of the winners who use Playlist Booker

We ran a YouTube campaign for Biqo an afro fusion artist.
We helped him generate over 100k views. This has helped him grow an audience in a short period of time.


This is a testimonial video from one of our customers, Romy Dya.
We have helped her generate over 2 million views on her channel with YouTube Ads.


Case Study

This shows the great results from a previous Ad campaign.
All results can be tracked in your YouTube dashboard.
No bots, no cheats, no scams.


Why Playlist Booker?

Our Playlist Booker makes it easier than ever to
grow your music.


  • What kind of View/Like ratio can I expect?

    There is no definite answer to this question as this depends entirely on the community’s reaction to the song. A typical campaign usually results in at least 100 likes per 10k views, which is deemed “average” by YouTube/Google.
  • Do you provide proof of ads?

    Yes, we provide proof of ads on request. You will see views from YouTube advertising in your dashboard. These views are from the ads we run, and separate from other organic traffic such as promotions from social media or people viewing your video directly.
  • How long will it take to finish the campaign?

    This depends on the size of the campaign of course, but we try to execute the campaign as quickly as possible. We will work with you directly in order to ensure the campaigns are being executed quickly, while focusing and prioritizing efficiency and growth. We prefer to deliver 5k views per day with great engagement ratios, than 8k with less-great engagement ratios (Even though that 5k is usually more expensive per-view/click).
  • Can explicit content be promoted?

    This depends on HOW explicit the content is. Showing nudity, drug use, blood/gore, violence, etc will have Google disapprove your ad for “Shocking” or “Adult” content. However, light swearing or brief/mildly suggestive content generally still gets approved. If you aren’t sure if your song will be approved, feel free to contact us!
  • How long will it take for the service to start?

    The only step of this process that is out of our hands is the review process carried out by Google. It generally takes about 2-5 days for an ad to be approved. That being said, we’ve seen ads get approved within a few hours while some take as long as 2 weeks.